More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames
More Squares & Edge Frames

More Squares & Edge Frames

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When you're in the middle of the best build yet and .... nooo. You need more squares! Open the door to bigger builds, crazier contraptions, and more elaborate stories with More Square Frames & Edge Frames. 

  • 8 magnetic Square Frames and 4 panel pieces that easily pop in and out of those frames
  • 4 Edge Frames and Bridge Clips to create even stronger structures and longer bridges
  • Expand your child's creativity. More squares can lead to 3-car garages, tree-top bridges…and so much more!

Compatible with all other Squaregles for hours of engagement (...and more coffee time for you, parents!)

Warning: This set contains small parts, which are choking hazards. Squaregles is not for children under the age of 3. 


    Build Category: Build More

    • More sets are amazing additions to any Squaregles building set. The more Squaregles, the more magnificent your Squaregles universe can be!

    20 total Squaregles pieces including: 

    • 8 square frames
    • 4 edge frames
    • 4 bridge clips
    • 3 square panels
    • 1 hole-in-one

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    Is this compatible with all other Squaregles?

    You bet! You can incorporate all More Squares with all Essential Sets, Expansion Sets and Oggs! Everything is made to play together. Add More Squares to any build to make your castle towers taller, your ramps higher and faster, your bridges longer and every build that much more incredible!


    Do other toys work with Squaregles?

    Keep our secret, but Squaregles are actually specifically engineered to make it easier for your child to use their other toys while playing with Squaregles. So if you need to build a stable for the horses that just galloped out of their box, we’ve got you. 


    What ages is this recommended for?

    Squaregles are recommended for anyone ages 4 and up. We recognize that not everyone the same age is at the same ability level or development stage, so this is our guide to help provide the best play experience possible for your child.


    How do you clean these pieces?

    We recommend using a wipe or damp cloth to wipe Squaregles down to keep them squeaky clean. Since they’re not waterproof, please don’t submerge any Squaregles in water, including in the dishwasher.


    Donate Squaregles to a child battling a tough illness at Lurie Children's Hospital. CLICK HERE to help them simply be a kid and Get Lost in Play today.


    That moment will come when you're only a few square frames away from building the most wondrous of wonders and. . . womp, womp . . . out of frames.

    Since you'll never want to stop building with Squaregles, running out of key pieces is unavoidable. But with More Squares, you can build on! 


    Get creative with your Squaregles and More Squares! Here are a few ideas . . .

    • Who can build the tallest structure?
    • Create longer ramp challenges to see who can launch Oggs head the farthest
    • Speed build competition, anyone? Let's see your 3-minute build!
    • Create elaborate, sneaky traps to stop Bax from stealing Wren's precious popcorn

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