Erggs Crash Arena
Erggs Crash Arena
Erggs Crash Arena
Erggs Crash Arena
Erggs Crash Arena
Erggs Crash Arena

Erggs Crash Arena

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The Erggs and Oggs are at it again racing in this crash, smash and fast race course. Put each characters into the cannon to launch them into action. Racing down a straight track, someone has to come out ahead or they will collide in the merge zone. Then, up and around the hairpin turn and off the jump to see who will knock down the most stacking blocks. Each set comes with 8 magnetic frames, 8 stacking blocks, a cannon launcher, 5 track pieces, 2 characters with their cars and helmets. 47 total pieces for you to create an adrenaline fueled racing challenge. 

  • Cannon launcher sends Oggs heads and cars speeding through the track and flying off jumps!
  • Use the 8 stacking blocks as a target for thrilling collisions.
  • Who will make it through the merge zone first? Maintain your speed to avoid a crash!
  • Go and Amethyst are ready to race their heads and their carsin a mighty Erggs vs. Oggs competition. Who will brake first on the hairpin turn?
  • Combine with the Mega Set or Go's Spiral Drop Set (sold separately) for even bigger races.
All Squaregles sets are compatible with each other. Inspire new ideas and creativity with each set!

47 total Squaregles pieces including: 

  • 8 square frames
  • 8 stacking blocks
  • 6 paperboard panels
  • 4 edge frames
  • 4 double edge clips
  • 2 bridge clips
  • 2 straight speed tracks
  • 2 helmets
  • 2 Oggs bodies
  • 2 cars
  • 1 hairpin turn
  • 1 cannon launcher
  • 1 jump track
  • 1 square track
  • 1 Go head
  • 1 Amethyst head
  • 1 comic card

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Is this compatible with all other Squaregles?

You bet! You can combine this set with all Squaregles sets, Oggs, Erggs, and their totems to build your Squaregles universe however you’d like! Everything is made to play together. The more Squaregles you have, the more creative and challenging your builds can be!


Do other toys work on the tracks and jumps?

Keep our secret, but Squaregles are actually specifically engineered to make it easier for your child to use their other toys while playing with Squaregles. So if you have other cars waiting to booby trap you throughout the house or some tiny figures positioned perfectly for your sock-less feet, they've got a new home. 


What ages is this recommended for?

Squaregles are recommended for anyone ages 4 and up. We recognize that not everyone the same age is at the same ability level or development stage, so this is our guide to help provide your child the best play experience possible. 

Warning: The Crash Arena Set contains small parts and small balls, which are choking hazards. This set is not for children under 3 years old. 


How do you clean Squaregles?

Squaregles are not waterproof, so please don't take them deep-sea diving or use them during bath time. But we know life gets sticky. So to keep them squeaky clean, use a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth to wipe them down. Do not submerge them in water or place them in the dishwasher. 

Donate a Crash Arena Set to a child battling a tough illness at Lurie Children's Hospital. Click here to help someone simply be a kid and Get Lost in Play today.

Get ready to launch!

On your marks... get set...GOOO!!! Our newest set has a cannon launcher which will send Oggs heads and cars flying through the tracks. Let's see which one makes it through the merge zone first!

Try speeding down the straight tracks or crashing into the stacking blocks. Which track configuration works best?! Time to find out.

Endless racing and crashing!

Get creative with the Crash Arena set! Here are a few ideas . . . 

  • Draw a target on one of the paperboard panels and see who can hit it first!
  • Build a track with a jump and see how wide of a gap the Erggs car can cover!
  • Use the Oggs heads to make your stacking tower even bigger, then send the cars crashing into it!
  • Launch off the jump track and see who can get the most air!

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