Safety at Squaregles

We don’t play around about the safety of Squaregles products. We believe that our relationship with you and your family is built on your trust in the safety and quality of our products. We promise to go to Oggs Universe and beyond to uphold our commitment to ensure that every Squaregles product is of the highest quality. This includes rigorous testing, strict safety procedures and satisfying all applicable safety regulations. Trust is earned. We promise to earn that trust everyday in everything we make. 

Our Own Kids are Our Toughest Product Testers 

Our co-founders (shoutout to Joe and Noah) each have children who have grown up playing with Squaregles. From testing initial prototypes to the final Squaregles products, they've tried it all. So have the kids of our friends and family. Not only are they now professional Squaregles builders, but they’re also our toughest critics and greatest stress testers. More importantly, each Squaregles product has to pass our test as parents. We know first-hand the importance of providing you the peace of mind that your child is safe, happy and growing.

Our Testing Process

Oggs weren’t born overnight. We actually had to invent manufacturing processes to make Squaregles, including Oggs, for the world. It took some time!

At Squaregles, each product goes through a development process consisting of at least four gates before the product is ready for you to play. At each stage of development, products are evaluated based on a specific list of qualifications and must pass in order to progress to the next phase. That's the end of the "formal" procedure and requirements. But we go above and beyond to ensure all Squaregles products exceed U.S. safety regulations, implementing additional internal testing and setting our bar far higher than the minimum required.

You have our word as a team and as fellow parents that we’ll always work to get it right, for you and for our own children.

Outside Testing

All Squaregles products conform to the safety requirements of ASTM F963. Additionally, all of our products go through a rigorous testing process by our accredited independent, certified, third-party testing partner, as required by law and defined by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Our testing partner is known worldwide for ensuring the safety and quality of products. Specifically, we test all paint and surface coatings, edges, wheels, all ingestion hazards and magnets. Alongside those tests, our partner’s process runs each piece through at least five additional tests for all final products. (Did we mention we’re obsessed with testing?). 

All Squaregles products are made with your family’s safety as our top priority. We promise to deliver toys that allow your child to Get Lost in Play while giving you the peace of mind and uninterrupted time to conquer parenthood.