Erggs Character Pack pieces and box
All pieces included in the Erggs Character Pack
Boy playing with two Erggs chracters in their cars on top of a Squaregles build
Photo og the comics included in the Erggs character packs
Two Erggs characters in their cars wearing helmets
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Erggs Character Pack

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Ready to add some drama to your Squaregles builds? Well… here come the Erggs! They aren't entirely bad, they’re just a bit misunderstood. But wow... do Erggs love creating a mess. And they love teasing the Oggs! Check out the Erggs' swappable heads, magical totems and awesome cars.

  • 4 Erggs characters with 4 crazy-cool Ergg helmets, 2 pairs of spiky boots and 2 spinning shields to customize for every adventure.
  • 2 Ergg cars perfect for racing the Oggs
  • 2 comic cards recount some of the Erggs’ misadventures
  • 1 character card tells you about each Squaregles character and their super special powers
Pieces & Specs

18 total Squaregles pieces including: 

  • 4 Ergg figures (4 heads + 4 bodies)
  • 2 spinning shields
  • 2 mohawk helmets
  • 2 pairs of spikey boots
  • 2 viking helmets 
  • 2 collectible Erggs comic cards
  • 2 Erggs cars
  • 1 character card

Is this compatible with all other Squaregles? 

You bet! You can combine all Essential Sets, Expansion Sets, Oggs, Erggs and totems together to build anything you can dream up! Everything is made to play  together. Combine the character packs with the Starter Set or Warmup Set to send Erggs speeding down the spiraling raceways or send them flying through tubes and launching into targets! 

What are Erggs?

Erggs are michievous characters in the magical Squaregles universe. Unlike their friendly counterparts, the Oggs, Erggs love to create havoc and can often be found playing pranks or messing up builds!

What ages is this recommended for?

Squaregles are recommended for anyone ages 4 and up. We recognize that not everyone the same age is at the same ability level or development stage, so this is our guide to help provide the best play experience possible for your child. 

How do you clean these pieces?

Using a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth to wipe Squaregles down is the best way to keep them sparkling clean. Squaregles are not waterproof, so please don’t submerge any Squaregles in water, include them in bath time or place them in the dishwasher.

Walk n' Roll

Erggs heads are balls! Roll them down ramps or attach them to their bodies, cars and accessories for endless ways to play.


Erggs can be played with by themselves or with a Squaregles Building Set.

Erggs Character Pack
Regular price $24.99
Unit price  per 

18 Pieces Included

4 Ergg figures (4 heads + 4 bodies) 2 spinning shields 2 mohawk helmets 2 pairs of spiky boots 2 viking helmets 2 collectible Erggs comic cards 2 Erggs cars 1 character card
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