More Paperboard
More Paperboard
More Paperboard
More Paperboard
More Paperboard
More Paperboard
More Paperboard

More Paperboard

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More paperboard means more doodles, more scenery and extra chances for those times when you just need a re-do. Keep the creativity going with More Paperboard! 

  • 50 paperboard panels for 100 new drawings (front and back)!
  • Pop into (and out of) magnetic square frames
  • Draw your masterpieces with crayons, markers, colored pencils and more!
  • Inspire hours of creativity and imagination (and hours for your 'to-do' list)
  • Pop your favorite works of art in a magnetic frame and stick it to the fridge!

Build Category: Build More

  • More sets are amazing additions to any Squaregles building set. The more Squaregles, the more magnificent your Squaregles universe can be!

50 total Squaregles pieces including: 

  • 50 Paperboard panels

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Is this compatible with all other Squaregles?

Absolutely! You can pop more paperboard into any Square Frame or use for scenery outside of frames. Use more paperboard to draw Oggs new furniture, create a paperboard moat for Oggs Castle, sails for your Squaregles boat and so much more!


Do other toys work with Squaregles?

Keep our secret, but Squaregles are actually specifically engineered to make it easier for your child to use their other toys while playing with Squaregles. So if you need to build a stable for the horses that just galloped out of their box, we’ve got you. 


Can you reuse these or wipe off the art?

Paperboard is just like paper, so your artwork stays on it. However, you get two sides to color on each paperboard. So, just flip it over and you've got a blank canvas!


What medium works best on these?

Our paperboard was designed for doodlers of all kind! Colored pencils, markers and crayons all work great! 


Donate Squaregles to a child battling a tough illness at Lurie Children's Hospital. CLICK HERE to help them simply be a kid and Get Lost in Play today.

Inspire creativity and imagination!

We know mistakes happen and you'll need to re-do a doodle. Or you've been hit by a wave of creative genius, and when you go to reach for a new paperboard...nooooooo.

With More Paperboard, you can sketch on and create that next masterpiece. Pro tip: pop your favorite works of art into a square frame and display them on the fridge!

Panels Designed by YOU!

Get creative with your Squaregles and More Paperboard! Here are a few ideas . . . 

  • Draw Oggs the coolest, comfiest furniture for their hideout
  • Create your own Oggs family crest to fly on a Squaregles Pirate Ship
  • Transport your build to a the jungle with paperboard scenery
  • Pop paperboard into edge frames for trap doors, swinging doors, windows and more!

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