What Makes a Toy Educational? Look for These 3 Features

How many times have you browsed online for new toys, or taken your kids to the toy store, only to be faced with dozens of toys, unsure which ones to pick? As parents, we’ve all been there. Many times, we let them take their pick, and more often than not, they play with the toy for a bit before moving on to another. Or fold the box up into a fort or doodle on the packaging. Sound familiar? What you’ve watched unfold is the difference between active play and passive play, which we’ll elaborate on in just a bit.

Ultimately, some toys and activities stimulate our kids more than others. Turning packaging into a fort has no time limits or set outcomes, whereas the toy itself may have a specific goal. Like us, you’re always looking for ways to engage your kids and teach them a few valuable lessons along the way, right? If so, it may benefit you to delve into the world of educational toys. But wait — what makes a toy educational? Great question! We’re going to answer that and more in this complete guide, so keep reading!

Dive into Educational Toys with Squaregles!

Before we wrap up, let’s have a quick recap: what are the characteristics of safe and educational toys? They…

Improve cognitive development

Peak children’s curiosity

Engross kids into a flow of active play

Foster community and social skills

Squaregles’ magnetic toys meet all these criteria. Your children will love building their own universes with friends and family while picking up incredible life skills along the way! 

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