What is an Open-Ended Toy? Engage Kids for Hours!

What is Open-Ended Play?

How to Encourage Play with Open-Ended Toys

Your kids will naturally discover many ways to expand their play with open-ended toys. But if you notice your child needs a gentle nudge to get started, here are some ideas.

Give them Hours to Play

You’re always on the go. We sometimes expect that from our kids, too, packing homework, play dates, and extracurricular activities into their day. Kids need time to embrace their creativity, so free up larger blocks of time for them to engage with open-ended toys. 

If you only allow a few minutes before school, they won’t experience the full benefits of open-ended toys. Afternoons are a great chunk of time for open-ended play!

Create an Inspiring Play Space 

How does your child’s play area look? Is it crowded with so many toys that it’s hard to pick which ones to use? Encourage your child to clean up their space and give them a helping hand if necessary. 

Then, place open-ended toys in their space — that toy might be the next plot in their Squaregles story! If they need a starting point, you can show them how to use these toys and then slip away and let their creativity run wild!

Minimize Sensory Overload 

We've all heard those dreaded words: "Mom/Dad I'm bored..." We know how frustrating it is to hear that, especially after all the activities and toys at their fingertips. But kids crave constant stimulation. After all, they’ve got curious minds and energy to burn! 

If only we had a fraction of it for ourselves, right?  

Well, instead of stimulating them with screen time, let them sit with their boredom and find a solution. Chances are, they’ll discover entertainment fast! Also, encourage them with open-ended questions, like What happened in the Ogg story from yesterday?”

Embrace Open-Ended Play with Squaregles!

Open-ended toys create an inspiring space for children to play without limits. As busy parents, we need precious time to tackle our daily tasks or indulge in a few moments for ourselves. You may even get to drink your coffee while it’s still hot!

Ready to unlock endless possibilities for your kids?

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