What Are Learning Toys? A Guide to Educational Toys for Kids

What are Learning Toys?

Learning toys combine play and learning — the best of both worlds! They engage your children with exciting play activities while improving cognitive, motor, and collaborative skills. For example, origami is a paper learning toy incorporating step-by-step instructions with creative expression, helping your kids build motor skills and learn about geometric shapes.  

But what makes a toy educational? Scholars Hassinger-Das and Pasek wondered the same, describing how some learning toys indeed “sculpt mental muscle” while others might not stimulate the same learning despite their “educational” label.

So, how do you pick out the best educational toys for your kids?

Puzzles, magnetic building toys like Squaregles, brain-game applications, and even role-play toys like dollhouses, or kitchen sets are excellent educational toy examples. 

What do all these toys have in common? Most of these examples are




Invite social collaboration

Have learning objectives

But not all learning toys have set objectives or outcomes. Just think about all the benefits of open-ended play. The same scholars cited above applaud building toys for encouraging social collaboration while actively engaging children to rotate pieces and observe shapes. Plus, kids just adore the endless opportunities for play! 

What makes toys like Squaregles’ building toys so educational? These researchers deem them STEM-toys, but we’ll go one step further because Squaregles are STEAM-accredited learning toys. 

Learning Toys: A Treat for Kids AND Parents!

STEAM-accredited toys offer lovely advantages like logical thinking, real-world relevance, and free exploration. But out of all the options out there, what is the most educational toy? 

Our opinion? Learning toys all have unique benefits, so choose toys that meet your family’s criteria. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, Squaregles’ educational magnetic toys check off all the boxes. Is your child a builder? Artist? Storyteller? Squaregles will awaken your child’s creativity in a myriad of exciting ways. Fun? Check. Stimulating? Check. Educational? Triple check!

Equip kids with oodles of fun and learning with Squaregles magnetic build-and-play toys!