Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle
Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle

Mega + Oggsmore Keep Bundle

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Bundle and save! Get all the magnetic frames, Oggs and 3D panels in the Mega Set AND expand your Squaregles universe with dramatic spiral staircases and wicked castle tops. 

  • 146 pieces total for endless ways to build and play
  • 3D panels pop in and out of magnetic frames to configure new structures each time you play
  • Paperboard panels to draw moats, trap doors and more 
  • 4 Oggs and their 2 cars included. Zoom across battlements for a modern wizardy battle and engage Bax and Wren in a mystical battle with their unicorn and dragon helmets!
  • Hours of storytelling as you build, play on your creation, and repeat!
  • Warning: This set contains small parts and small balls, which are choking hazards. Squaregles is not for children under the age of 3

141 total Squaregles pieces including: 

  • 46square frames
  • 14 paperboard panels
  • 12 edge frames
  • 10 bridge clips
  • 8 triangle frames
  • 6 square panels
  • 4 triangle panels
  • 4 Oggs characters
  • 3 straight tracks
  • 2 hole-in-ones
  • 2 mega jumps
  • 2 sixty-degree railings
  • 2 sixty-degree turn tracks
  • 2 big paperboard panels
  • 2 ninety-degree tubes 
  • 2 two-legged bodies
  • 2 square battlements
  • 2 castle tops
  • 1 straight tube 
  • 1 ninety-degree turn track
  • 1 racer helmet
  • 1 wings
  • 1 snowboard
  • 1 four-legged body
  • 1 dragon helmet
  • 1 unicorn helmet
  • 1 sorcerer mask
  • 1 wizard hat
  • 1 green car
  • 1 yellow car
  • 1 collectible Oggs Comic Card
  • 1 drawbridge 
  • 1 castle balcony
  • 1 spiral staircase

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Is this compatible with all other Squaregles? You bet! You can combine all sets together to build anything you can dream up! Everything is made to play  together. Combine the character packs with the Starter Set or Warmup Set to send Erggs speeding down the spiraling raceways or send them flying through tubes and launching into targets! 

What ages is this recommended for?
Squaregles are recommended for anyone ages 4 and up. We recognize that not everyone the same age is at the same ability level or development stage, so this is our guide to help provide the best play experience possible for your child. 

How do you clean these pieces?
Using a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth to wipe Squaregles down is the best way to keep them sparkling clean. Squaregles are not waterproof, so please don’t submerge any Squaregles in water, include them in bath time or place them in the dishwasher.

Donate a set to a child battling a tough illness at Lurie Children's hospital. Click here to help someone simply be a kid and Get Lost in Play today.

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