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More Tubes

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More Tubes is, you guessed it, MORE. Did your skyscraper stop short of scraping the highest skies? Trying to create a replica of a famous work of architecture but need one more turret?! Keep connecting with More Tubes! 

  • Straight and 90-degree tube pieces fit together and pop into all square frames.
  • It’s never too early for physics! Watch as gravity sends Oggs traveling through, into, or out of structures with tubes and tunnels.
  • Connect with all other Squaregles for hours of engagement (warning to parents: more free time ahead - start building your to-do list!)
  • Warning: This set contains small parts, which are choking hazards. Squaregles is not for children under the age of 3.

Build Category: Build More

  • More Tubes are tons of fun to add to any Squaregles sets. The more tubes you have, the more fantastical your creations and stories can be!
  • Important: This set requires magnetic square frames to play. Magnetic frames not included.

8 total Squaregles pieces including: 

  • 4 tubes
  • 4 ninety-degree tubes

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Is this compatible with all other Squaregles?

You bet! More Tubes is compatible with all Essential and Expansion sets. Everything is made to play together. Use tubes as extensions for tracks, or as tunnels for cars and Oggs heads or towers of magnificent castles.


Do other toys work with Squaregles?

Keep our secret, but Squaregles are actually specifically engineered to make it easier for your child to use their other toys while playing with Squaregles. So if you have marvelous heroes or military men in need of a new hideout, they've got a new tunnel-filled HQ.


What ages is this recommended for?

Squaregles are recommended for anyone ages 4 and up. We recognize that not everyone the same age is at the same ability level or development stage, so this is our guide to help provide the best play experience possible for your child.


How do you clean these pieces?

We recommend using a wipe or damp cloth to wipe Squaregles down to keep them squeaky clean. Since they’re not waterproof, please don’t submerge any Squaregles in water, including in the dishwasher.


Donate Squaregles to a child battling a tough illness at Lurie Children's Hospital. CLICK HERE to help them simply be a kid and Get Lost in Play today.

Reach New Heights With More Tubes!

That moment will come when you’re only a few tubes away from building the most twisty-est tunnel ever and … “Drat! I need another tube!”. With More Tubes, we've got your back!


Easily connect each tube half together, then pop them into a magnetic square frame to add it to your build. Square frames connect to both sides of a tube for terrific tube-stacking ability! 


Get creative with your Squaregles and tubes and tunnels! Like . . .  

  • Who can build the longest tunnel for Oggs to travel through without stopping?
  • What famous buildings with towers or turrets can you recreate?
  • Build a cause-and-effect contraption that uses at least 3 tubes… okay, 4 tubes
  • Create a creature with a snout (watch out for sneezes!) or a robot that shoots Oggs heads out of his arms

Squaregles + Education

We’re not just blowing STEAM here...

Squaregles requires the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math while building.

With Squaregles, Children
  • Feel empowered to build
  • Connect and create in their own unique way
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Experience a sense of accomplishment
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